Value to the client

A successful lawyer-client relationship is defined by the value received by the client. In business matters, value is usually defined in economic terms. In our experience, there are circumstances in which value likely will not be achieved if fees for legal services are based on an hourly rate. In those instances, we will work with a client at the beginning of a matter to determine if a fixed fee or other alternative billing arrangement would be more appropriate.

Values of the firm

The McGlamery Law Firm is organized around specific values. Those values impact how we run the firm and respond to clients.

First, and most importantly, we believe that law as a business should be subordinate to law as a profession. In practical terms, that means never forgetting that the practice of law is about the client, not the lawyer.

Second, we fully accept that we cannot be all things to all people. We don’t do everything, but what we do we strive to do exceedingly well. Whether for reasons of capacity or expertise, personality or style, philosophical or ethical differences, there are potential clients for whom we are not the right counsel. In those instances we will gladly assist in identifying counsel better suited to the representation.

Third, we are strongly committed to principles of sustainability, particularly with regard to high performance buildings. Keith McGlamery’s decision to become one of the first LEED AP attorneys reflects that commitment. Not every client matter we handle is “green.” For those for whom creating and maintaining high performing environmentally sensitive buildings is important, however, we are pleased to advise on the legal strategies and means to enable them to achieve that result.