About the Firm


We have handled business transactions ranging from small to large and from straightforward to highly complex. We begin each matter by listening to the client. Our development of a thorough understanding of the client’s business objective makes possible the most effective and efficient handling of the matter, whether drafting documents, negotiating with opposing counsel or assisting with due diligence.

Complex Negotiations

Our experience enables us to combine practical problem solving skills, strategic thinking, sound judgment and a thoughtful analytical approach to negotiation. We believe it is important to approach negotiations, particularly those that are complex, with the same planning and thought that is used in complex litigation. We decline to participate in counterproductive negotiating one-upsmanship that only serves to obscure the important issues and needlessly drive up costs.


Some matters require the coordinated efforts of more than one lawyer. For transactions necessitating multiple lawyers, or where local counsel is needed or required by local law, Mr. McGlamery collaboratively works with lawyers from throughout the U.S.